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It May Not Be a Lot, But It's Dear

October 02, 1994

Rachel Kusher's "Just a Plot of Land, Not a Lot of Land" (Green Thumb, Sept. 25) is the dearest article I ever read in a newspaper or magazine.


Los Angeles


After reading "Just a Plot . . . " by that bookkeeper who dabbles as a wordsmith, I was tickled green.

I too have lived in apartments where there has been a little space to produce a bit of Mother Earth that isn't being trampled or someway abused. Kusher is an inspiration in that even though her potted plants sprouted their own little feet and walked away in the middle of the night, she remains undaunted. Perhaps it is what was needed for her to take on that little-bigger piece with her landlord's approval.

For my part, I find that it is contagious. I started with one palm plant that I bought years ago for my one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. And then a Spider plant that has kept going and going.

Anyway, this last summer I became the caretaker of the 1994 Showcase Design House with its six acres. I am sorry to say I have fallen to the "slash and burn" gardening, although I don't think I have an "excessive fondness for the small, gasoline powered engines." I confess, we have a few.

Congratulations and God bless Rachel Kusher for her wit, and if she makes her "little Eden" better, the world is better.



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