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HUNTINGTON BEACH : Doing Flips Over New Skateboard Park

October 04, 1994|DEBRA CANO

Skateboarders celebrated the opening of the city's second skateboard park last week by doing flips on a pyramid-shaped ramp and flying into the air.

"It's a good place to go without getting into trouble because most places they kick you out," said John Coon, 21, a professional skateboarder and Huntington Beach resident.

Enthusiasts who flocked to the concrete playground near Main Street and Yorktown Avenue had only these complaints: the skateboard park was too small, and there should be more of them. "It's small, but it's a place to go," said Shon Farren, 20, of Brea. "They have a lot of obstacles here that are similar (to obstacles) in contests."

Said Coon: "I totally appreciate it."

The skateboard park is a joint venture between the city and Huntington Beach Union High School District. The project also included sprucing up the entry to Huntington Beach High School's stadium, Cap Sheue Field, with new landscaping, ticket booths and fencing. Community Services deputy director Jim Engle said the project cost $215,000, including $70,000 from the high school district. Redevelopment funds were used to help pay for the project.

The park is the brainchild of the school's principal, Jim Staunton. "It's part of the culture here," he said.

"This was done in a spirit of cooperation to understand their needs," Staunton said.

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