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October 06, 1994

Re "The Soul Mate With the Ideas: Mrs. Huffington," by Stephen Games, Opinion, Aug. 21: Once again, I'm writing to correct misinformation.

For the third time on record, the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is not a "Santa Monica-based church," nor is MSIA pronounced "Messiah." In the 12 years that I have been involved in the church, I have never heard anyone refer to MSIA as "Messiah," so that is outdated information at best.

As to the statement about John-Roger being "written about in the press as a free-spending Rasputin, charges he has denied," what is the point in printing that? I find it objectionable practice that the press gives itself free license to print just about anything about anybody by merely calling it an "allegation" or a "charge." The function of the press seems to have changed dramatically from that of reporting the news of the day as a public service to printing what sells.

I realize the corrections about which I have been writing to you may seem trivial to The Times, but again, it just points up to me that I cannot trust what is printed in the press if corrections to misinformation are simply ignored by journalists. I find that deeply disappointing.


Public Representative

Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

Santa Monica

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