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Santa Clarita / Antelope Valley : Students at Junior High Will Finally Get Their Uniform Look


SANTA CLARITA — The uniforms have finally arrived at La Mesa Junior High School after a month's worth of delays that angered parents and school officials, but delighted students who viewed the uniform policy as too restrictive.

A bizarre assortment of problems, including a truck hijacking and computer malfunctions, delayed delivery of the clothing that was supposed to reach students by Sept. 8, the first day of school.

The school is the first in the Santa Clarita Valley and one of the first in the state to mandate uniforms.

Parents were especially concerned because they prepaid the uniform supplier, Cherokee Inc. of Sunland.

Not every piece of clothing has been delivered, but because most items--ranging from T-shirts and shorts to more dressy attire--are now in the hands of students, the school has declared Monday its first official mandatory uniform day.

"I think most of the students have them," Principal Rochelle Neal said. "If they can't wear the uniforms, they need to come with a note from their parents and we will look into their problem with the company."

Local parents overwhelmingly supported the uniform policy, hoping that the one-year program would be expanded to other area schools if successful. Difficulties in getting delivery of the prepaid items dampened some of the enthusiasm, however.

Among the items that have not yet arrived are jackets, some long-sleeved shirts and plaid skirts, Neal said. She said she hopes that all orders will be shipped by the end of October.

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