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HERMOSA BEACH : Mystery Surrounds Woman Found Shot in the Head

October 06, 1994|JAMES BENNING

A Hermosa Beach woman survived up to four days with three bullets in her head before police discovered her on the floor of her apartment, authorities said Wednesday.

Linda M. Dillon, 57, was rushed to South Bay Hospital, where she told police she tried to commit suicide. But police believe someone may have shot her, said Capt. Mike Lavin.

"We have a lot of questions," Lavin said. "It's kind of a weird story."

Police entered Dillon's upstairs apartment in the 500 block of Monterey Boulevard at 6:20 p.m. Monday after a neighbor reported hearing moans from the room. Dillon was barely conscious and many areas of her apartment were covered in blood, Lavin said.

Dillon, a computer consultant who works at home, was in critical condition Tuesday, Lavin said. Her wounds have become infected, he said.

Doctors discovered Dillon had been shot after X-rays revealed three bullet fragments in her head, including one in her brain. She had also been shot about three times in her cheek and neck.

Police arrested a Palmdale man Tuesday in connection with the shooting, but released him later that day. That man is a friend of Dillon's, Lavin said. Other suspects are being sought, he said.

No gun was found, but police believe the shots were fired through a pillow. Investigators found a blood-soaked pillow pierced with bullet holes and a bloodied sheet in the trunk of Dillon's Geo Metro parked a block away, Lavin said.

"She's insisting it was a suicide," Lavin said. "But we say, 'Where is the gun?' "

In addition to the gunshot wounds, Dillon also suffered a broken hand. Police suspect it may have been broken when she was defending herself.

"That adds another question to this mystery," Lavin said.

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