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Crime Rampage in Paris Leaves 4 Dead, 6 Hurt

October 06, 1994| Times Wire Services

PARIS — Three police officers and a taxi driver were killed and six people wounded in a bloody rampage late Tuesday that stunned the nation.

The suspected killers, a teen-age girl who recently ran away from home and her 22-year-old boyfriend, a student, were captured after a wild car chase and a shootout in a park.

The rampage began at 9:25 p.m. Tuesday when a masked couple scaled a fence at a police car pound, sprayed tear gas at two police officers and made off with their pistols.

They then hijacked a taxi, taking the driver and his passenger hostage. As they sped through the city center, the driver rammed a police car on the Place de la Nation.

When two police officers got out of the car, they were gunned down, as was the taxi driver. A third officer still in the car and two passersby were wounded.

The couple then hijacked a second car and drove toward the Bois de Vincennes, a park in eastern Paris. In a second clash with police on motorcycles there, another police officer was killed and two other officers and the gunman were wounded.

The student, Audry Maupin, was hospitalized with gunshot wounds to the head and stomach.

Witnesses told police that the girl, 19-year-old Florence Rey, did most of the shooting.

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