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Proposed League Attracts Two More Cities : Baseball: Valley-based circuit interests Indio and Paso Robles.


CHATSWORTH — The Valley-based Golden State Baseball League moved two steps closer to fruition when Indio and Paso Robles began detailed negotiations with the proposed minor league.

The Golden State, the brainchild of Chatsworth investment banker Bob Weinstein, is tentatively scheduled to begin play next summer in six cities throughout California.

The league previously signed letters of intent with Palmdale and Brawley.

"It's another step in the right direction," Weinstein said.

Weinstein said he also is courting Vista and Merced.

The independent league, which will operate without funding from major-league affiliates, could join another new league that is expected to begin play in the Southland in 1995. The independent Western League, which includes teams in Palm Springs and Long Beach, plans to begin play next summer.

The only minor league operating in the state is the venerable California League, a 10-team Class-A alignment.

The Golden State requires host cities to donate 25 acres of land plus infrastructure, such as utility hookups. In return, the league plans to erect $5 million stadiums in each city.

Paso Robles City Attorney Iris Yang has asked Weinstein to supply additional information regarding the league's funding sources.

"We have a number of issues to discuss, but we're proceeding," Yang said. "We need more specifics."

Possible stadium sites are being discussed, which is also the case in Indio.

Allyn Waggle, the interim city manager of Indio, characterized negotiations with the league as "preliminary," but said the city is earnest about landing a team.

"There's a bona fide effort to get a team here," Waggle said. "We're researching sites and discussing potentialities. We need to get all of our I's dotted and T's crossed."

Waggle said two potential stadium sites in the Indio area already have been identified.

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