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Irvine Park's Lake Needs Some Help

October 09, 1994

When I was a kid growing up in Long Beach during the '30s one of my greatest pleasures was when our family picnicked at Irvine Park.

I remember the sycamores, the lake, the rowboats.

Today, tooling top down in my classic convertible, I again visited that (Irvine Regional) park of so many wonderful memories.

I wasn't disappointed.

I found it much as I remembered--being enjoyed by many people. I commend those administering it for keeping it as it was--except for the lake and the rowboats!

What happened? Where are those wonderful two-person rowboats?

No one was using the lake. There's a somewhat run-down facility with horrible huge-wheeled something-or-others ("paddle boats"), one haphazardly "docked" boathouse where rowboats should have been, and a lake filled with foul green growth.

Please, bring back what used to be. Get rid of "fun zone" gimmicks, clean up the lake. (I bet the Irvine Co. would supply the materials that a small group of retirees could use to build and maintain the rowboats).

Make it a really fine celebration when the park celebrates its 100th in 1997.


Laguna Niguel

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