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Homelessness Problem Is Countywide

October 09, 1994

Thank you for your recent editorial "Santa Ana Grapples With Homelessness" (Sept. 25).

Homelessness has been adopted as an issue for emphasis by the League of Women Voters of Central Orange County Area and we appreciate your comments and the publicity you are giving to the problem.

A study completed last year by our league pointed up the need for affordable housing, including single room occupancies, emergency rental assistance and expanded facilities for transitional and emergency shelter beds, as well as life skills and job training.

A major conclusion of the study was that "cities and citizens must unite to persuade the federal, state and local governments to be partners in ending homelessness--by establishing and supporting programs that promote rehabilitation and self-sufficiency for the homeless."

The grant from Santa Ana to the Homeless Issues Task Force for a countywide approach is definitely a step in the right direction.

Our study revealed that there are homeless in virtually every part of the county, from beach cities to hillside communities.

You're right: homelessness is a regional problem that demands a regional solution.

Only by using the resources and problem-solving skills of the entire county can we provide shelter for every county resident.


League of Women Voters

Central Orange County Area

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