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A summary of selected City Hall actions this week affecting central Los Angeles.

October 09, 1994|MICHAEL KRIKORIAN


* AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Authorized the Housing Department to loan $2.6 million to the nonprofit Proyecto Esperanza for development of Evergreen Village Apartments, a 54-unit low-income apartment complex to be located at the corner of Cesar E. Chavez and Evergreen avenues in East Los Angeles. Currently situated on part of the site is a 4,500-square-foot building housing a liquor store and small retail shops. That building will be converted into a youth activity and community center.

* NUISANCE STORES: Approved a resolution declaring Lucky Liquor at 1401 W. Jefferson Blvd. and Skip's Liquor at 3801 S. Vermont Ave. public nuisances as a result of numerous complaints about drug dealing, drunkenness, loitering and panhandling near both stores. The liquor stores have 100 days to act on 21 corrective measures recommended by the Board of Zoning Appeals. The measures include having a state-licensed uniformed security guard on duty during operating hours, removing graffiti and trash, and prohibiting video games and loitering.

* COUNCIL TV: Instructed the city clerk to prepare written summaries of City Council agendas to be shown on Channel 35 before meetings are televised. Also instructed the city clerk to prepare a small glossary of City Council terms to be shown occasionally during meeting broadcasts.


How South-Central and Eastside City Council representatives voted on selected issues.

* FIRST STREET PLAZA: Terminated plans to build the First Street North Project, also known as First Street Plaza. The development included a 26-story city-owned office tower, a 15-story hotel and a 12-story office building. Opponents of the plan, including Mayor Richard Riordan's office, argued that the project may have seemed like a good idea when it was planned in 1988 but is now too costly. Councilman Richard Alatorre, who strongly defended the plan, called for a 90-day delay in the vote to see if the mayor's office could come up with a better plan. That motion was defeated. A Riordan aide said there are no alternative plans. Expansion of the Japanese American National Museum, a part of the original plan, was approved in a separate motion. Passed 11-2. Voting yes: Mike Hernandez, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Nate Holden, Jackie Goldberg, Rudy Svorinich Jr. Voting no: Alatorre. Absent: Rita Walters.

* TAXICAB SERVICES: Approved an ordinance extending for five years the operating authority for several taxi services--Checker Cab, Bell Cab, L.A. Taxi, Independent Cab and United Independent Cab--to operate in specific areas of the city. The Board of Transportation Commissioners had recommended a 10-year renewal, but the council limited the renewal to five years. Passed 14-0. Voting yes: Alatorre, Hernandez, Ridley-Thomas, Holden, Goldberg, Svorinich Jr. Absent: Walters.

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