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KOREATOWN : Asian Group Offers Business Advice

October 09, 1994|LESLIE BERESTEIN

Small-business owners will soon have a chance to receive expert advice in running their businesses through a series of free workshops sponsored by the Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment, a local nonprofit organization.

Funded by a city grant, the workshops will cover marketing, inventory control and pricing, community relations, security and sales.

The workshops are set to run from 9 a.m. to noon each Wednesday until Nov. 16.

Business consultants trained in small-business management will also be available to provide at least five hours of free, in-store technical assistance to participants once they complete the workshops, said Tim Maschler, program director of the consortium's business development center.

The workshops will be held at Community Wholesale Grocers, 824 East 17th St., the bulk retail grocery outlet opened by the consortium for local merchants in February.

The Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment also offers a free home-repair service, with some limitations.

The handyman program is available to low-income homeowners who are seniors or who are handicapped, said Maria Gamboa, office manager for the consortium.

Gamboa said household incomelimits are $17,650 for a householdof one; $20,150 for a household oftwo; $22,700 for a household ofthree; and $25,200 for a householdof four.

To register for the small-business workshops, call (213)389-8483.

For information regarding home repairs, call (213)389-2373, Ext. 256.

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