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Prime-Time Flicks

October 09, 1994|Kevin Thomas

The 1986 Pretty in Pink (KCOP Sunday at 6 p.m.), one of John Hughes' best teen-age stories, finds poor high school student Molly Ringwald asked out by rich Andrew McCarthy--much to the dismay of her pal Jon Cryer.

Wolfgang Petersen's sleek, high-style 1991 suspense thriller Shattered (NBC Sunday at 9 p.m.) moves with terrific energy, visual panache and a dry wit. The film takes us into the perplexed mind of a partial amnesiac (Tom Berener). A near-fatal car crash has left him with no personal memories, but he can tell you the name of the San Francisco landmark building in which he works; this means that those close to him have the opportunity to re-create him to suit their own purposes.

In A Case of Deadly Force (KCAL Sunday at 10 p.m.), an outstanding 1986 TV movie based on an actual incident, Richard Crenna plays Boston attorney (and ex-cop) Lawrence O'Donnell Jr., who launched a relentless legal investigation into the shooting death of a hospital worker by police officers.

Mel Brooks stars in his risk-taking but uneven 1991 Life Stinks (KTA Monday at 8 p.m.), a slapstick fable about a billionaire developer who bets he can survive a month among the homeless with neither money nor resources.

The 1992 Hurricane Smith (KCOP Tuesday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 6 p.m.) stars Carl Weathers as a Texas roughneck in an action-adventure set in the Australian underworld.

The 198 Amazing Stories: The Movie (KTLA Tuesday at 8 p.m.) and its 1987 sequel (KTLA Wednesday at 8 p.m.) are compilations of the Steven Spielberg half-hour anthology series launched in 1985. Kevin Costner and Christoher Lloyd are featured in the first; Danny DeVito and John Lithgow in the second.

In one warming stroke in 1976, Rocky (KTLA Thursday at 8 p.m.), written by and starring Sylvester Stallone, revived the tradition of the modestly budgeted, unpretentious movie that creates new stars (and myths) and commands the rousing affection of its audiences. How? By proclaiming the possibilities of love, hope and triumph in the lives of ordinary men and women.

Stallone is not seen to the same advantage in the 1987 Over the Top (KTLA Friday at 8 p.m.). which lives up to its title as Stallone's fight with his father-in-law for the custody and love of his son climaxes in a Las Vegas arm-wrestling contest.

KCET offers a '40s film noir double feature Saturday night: The Blue Dahlia (at 9 p.m.), a Raymond Chandler yarn with Alan Ladd as a returning vet suspected of murdering his unfaithful wife, and The Dark Past (at 11:20 p.m.), with William Holden as a crazed killer who takes psychologist Lee J. Cobb as a prisoner.

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