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Willie Williams

October 09, 1994

After reading Police Chief Willie Williams' response to the meddling by Councilmen Nate Holden and Zev Yaroslavsky in the personnel affairs of the Police Department (Oct. 1), I can only express praise and offer my highest compliments to the chief.

Imagine what anger would be generated if the chief were to object to the firing of an aide in either of these councilmen's offices? I would hate to have to go where they would consign the chief. It's the old story . . . it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

How about letting the man do the job he was hired for.


Los Angeles

* It appears that the four City Council members who have drafted a plan to benefit Assistant Chief Bernard C. Parks of the LAPD (Sept. 29) are overstepping their authority and undermining Williams' authority.

No matter Parks' expertise and loyal service to Los Angeles--if he cannot work (get along) with Williams' methods, then he has to walk.


Pacific Palisades

* What a difference a couple of years makes. When Daryl Gates headed the LAPD, everyone wanted to micromanage him and you were pleased that the ACLU-headed Police Commission was constantly battling with him. Now you have done a 180-degree flip-flop, and are saying no one should second- guess Williams (editorial, Oct. 3).

Let's face it, Williams has not been a success in improving the LAPD. Morale is down and although Mayor Riordan has found the money, Williams has failed to develop a plan on how to add the extra police officers.

Isn't two years long enough for a honeymoon? If Williams can't do the job, let's admit it and get someone who can.


Toluca Lake

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