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BODY WATCH : Mini and Maxi Ways to Change

October 11, 1994|ELAINE KO

If you're bored with your hair color and think it's time for a change (whether minor or drastic), here are some suggestions for tinting, highlighting, lightening or dyeing:

* Lemons (for blond highlights), anywhere from free to 49 cents each.

* Peroxide, 4 ounces, $2.43.

* Cranberry juice (for burgundy tints), half-gallon, $2.49.

* A Touch of Sun by Clairol, 4.7-ounce spray, $3.23.

* L'Oreal Performing Preference shampoo-in permanent hair color, one application, $7.49.

* Beauty salon full-treatment dyeing, about $30 per visit.

* Wig, human hair, shoulder length, $54.95 and up.

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