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Creationism in Court

October 12, 1994

The article "Teacher's Lawsuit Over Evolution Rejected" (Oct. 5) proves that far too many Americans are as scientifically illiterate as the world was in 1859 when Charles Darwin proved that evolution was an observable historic reality.

I do hope that the voting public will notice that it is again the politically active Christian Coalition's American Center for Law and Justice that is going take this useless and wasteful lawsuit all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I am delighted to see the Christian Coalition leadership waste so much of their tax exempted dollars on this replay of the Scopes trial. The circus entertainment will be fun to watch. The Christian Coalition leaders will be very sad clowns when the Supreme Court rules that "creationism" is a religious pseudo-science and evolution is scientific fact.

Of course, the fundamentalists will learn nothing from this decision and will file another suit next year, and so on forever.

I also hope the voting public will notice that the Christian Coalition is still trying to legally force the teaching of creationism.

This must be stopped right now before we have an old-thinking state church forced on all of us.


Balboa Island

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