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BUENA PARK : City Rejects Carnival's Ban on Politicking

October 12, 1994|LESLEY WRIGHT

Organizers of this weekend's Silverado Days will not be able to ban political campaigning from the city's annual fair.

Jerry Sigler, a representative of the Noon Lions Club, asked the City Council to help keep the tradition of nonpartisanship by banning political literature and authorizing police to escort campaigners from the park.

The city attorney nixed the idea this week.

Sigler argued that the Lions lease the park from Oct. 13 to 16 and become liable for any accidents. The park belongs to them for those four days and they should be able to enact rules of a private club, he argued.

Assistant City Atty. Andrew Arcynski reviewed the lease between the city and the club and gave his verdict: The city is, in effect, a co-sponsor of the event and cannot ban political activity, he said.

Fred Smith, chairman of the event, said he hoped candidates instead would abide by a "gentlemen's agreement" to do their politicking away from the park this weekend.

Smith said the club will send announcements to the candidates and request that they not "do any stumping" at the fair. The four-day Silverado Days carnival begins Thursday in William Peak Park at El Dorado Drive and Knott Avenue.

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