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PRO FOOTBALL DAILY REPORT : RAIDERS : It's Back Up the Hill for McDaniel

October 13, 1994|STEVE SPRINGER

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the greedy king who was condemned to hell, where his punishment was to push a boulder uphill for eternity, only to have it roll down to the bottom again.

Terry McDaniel knows how he feels.

Each week, the Raider cornerback spends hours on the practice field and in front of a videotape recorder, studying and preparing to face an NFL quarterback. Once game day is done and his job is finished, he must start all over again.

Last week, McDaniel successfully pushed over a boulder by the name of Drew Bledsoe, intercepting three passes by the New England Patriot and returning one for a touchdown.

This week, along comes Miami Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino, whose receivers include Irving Fryar and Mark Ingram.

"You're used to it," said McDaniel, who has five interceptions and has scored three touchdowns. "That's the routine. When the game's over, it's over. You'll think about it maybe that night. It'll float through (your mind) some, but you've got to go and prepare for the next week. No matter if it was a good game, bad game or who you're facing.

"There's never a time for a letup. Each week, you've got to put out more (effort), because the weeks are going by and there's really more wear and tear on your body. You've just got to focus more and get ready for the next challenge."

McDaniel's study routine includes talking to his own receivers to acquire even more information.

"What would you think, Tim," he might ask Tim Brown, "if I played you like this in a certain situation?"


Running back Greg Robinson, on the physically unable to perform list while he recuperates from a knee injury, is eligible to come off this week.

But don't look for him soon.

"It feels better," he said of the knee, "but it's still a little weak."


Although Harvey Williams rushed for 65 yards against the Patriots, Coach Art Shell said that Ty Montgomery will start Sunday.

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