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October 14, 1994


Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ended Oct. 9, compared to week-ago and year-ago levels, in millions of units sold:

Latest week: Albums: 10.5 Singles: 1.9

Week-ago: Albums: 10.6 Singles: 1.8

Year-ago: Albums: 9.2 Singles: 1.9

Hits Magazine Tip of the Week

Manager Rob Kahane's split with client George Michael has drastically increased music industry speculation over a possible settlement between Michael and his record label, Sony. Michael lost a much-publicized British court battle with Sony after he sued to be released from his contract. Kahane's exit had been anticipated for some time, and there's been more than a little chatter over the long-term effect of his testimony in the court case. Meanwhile, various people are already jockeying for position as the singer decides who his next manager will be. Note: Hits magazine is a weekly music industry trade publication.

Source: Soundscan Inc.

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