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Orange County Almanac

October 14, 1994

In 1916, a local newspaper carried an advertisement for the fledgling city of Seal Beach, listing several things tourists could see or enjoy there:

* The only beach without an undertow.

* Fifty immense searchlights from the San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

* City management controls all activities, services and prices.

* Free picnic grounds and courteous treatment.

* The only beach free from floods, winds or dangerous weather conditions.

* Properly policed parking for more than 4,000 cars.


The Crusades of the 11th and 12th Centuries will come to Costa Mesa.

Travel filmmaker Frank Klicar will discuss his documentary "The Crusades" at Orange Coast College.

The film follows the route of German and French armies across Europe and the Middle East to the Holy Land. It examines how the Crusades affected the people and the places along that route. The film will be shown at 7 p.m. at the Robert B. Moore Theatre.

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