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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS AND VIEWS : OC High asks: What is your favorite pair of shoes? Why?

October 14, 1994

"My blue and burgundy plaid sneakers. They're different, and I like to be original in my shoes and my socks."

Stephanie Halcum, 17, senior, Cypress

"My high tops that I wear everywhere. They're Franklins, and I got them in the guys section of the shoe store. They're really weird. I just got them, and they're my favorite. They're black and white, and I play basketball, volleyball and football for recreation in them."

DeAmber Bishop, 16, junior, Fullerton

"These Nike running shoes I want. But I can't wear them. They cost $125, so they're sitting in the store right now."

Paul Park, 16, sophomore, Brea Olinda

"My sandals. I can just slip them on, and they're comfy in the summer. I don't like (to wear) socks."

Eleana Chatzepretrou, 17, senior, Esperanza

"My white slippers. They're comfortable, and I can wear them with anything."

Cari Ota, 16, senior, Villa Park

"My roller-blades. I can get places faster in them because I don't have a car yet."

Mark Francur, 14, sophomore, Tustin

"Nikes, because they fit my feet well. They feel snug."

Jason Rush, 15, freshman, Tustin

"I like my Vans. They go with everything."

Wes Ozniak, 17, senior, Trabuco Hills

"Those little canvas shoes, like Keds. They're so versatile, you can wear them with jeans or a dress to make it have a sportier look."

Anita Kwok, 17, senior, Sunny Hills

"My Nike Air (soccer shoes), because their rugged style fits my personality."

Claudia Madrigal, 15, junior, Sunny Hills

"My black platform shoes, because they're from the '60s. I like the '60s, because people were more free then."

Carrie Kennedy, 16, junior, Katella

"I have a fake pair of green Birkenstocks. I got them for $10, (and wear) them every day."

Lani Ludwick, 16, junior, Villa Park

"High tops, because I play basketball a lot."

John Tang, 14, freshman, Saddleback

"My brown oxfords. I can wear them with anything, and they're kind of a mix between tennis shoes and sandals."

Monica Roy, 14, sophomore, Troy

"In the summer, sandals, because I can't stand wearing socks."

Martha Ramos, 14, sophomore, Sonora

"My tan hiking boots, because they go with jeans or shorts."

Janice Farmer, 17, senior, Esperanza

"Birkenstocks. They're comfortable."

Eunhee Kim, 15, sophomore, Fountain Valley

"My flip-flops. They're kick-back."

Sasha Bochling, 17, senior, Woodbridge

"My Nikes. I spend most of my time in them."

Layla Roshan, 17, senior, Corona del Mar

* Responses gathered by Jasmine Shoukry and Michelle Pham.

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