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Girls' Spree Spoils Grandmother's Nest Egg and Plans for World Trip

October 15, 1994|From Associated Press

BOSTON — After spending most of her life working two jobs to save $26,500, 63-year-old Beatrice Jones had it all planned: "I wanted to go on a nice trip around the world."

Jones' two teen-age granddaughters got to the money first, however, authorities said. The girls allegedly stole the cash from a bedroom safe and took a lavish trip of their own--to Disney World.

Along with a 13-year-old friend, they blew all but $8,100 in Orlando, Fla., on an expensive hotel, restaurants and a three-day shopping spree, authorities said.

One sister, 15, and the friend are charged with grand larceny. The other sister, 14, is charged with grand theft.

The girls remained in a juvenile detention center in Orlando on Friday as authorities discussed how to bring them back to Boston.

The girls' odyssey started last Saturday. According to police, the sisters, who lived with their father and grandmother, decided to run away after their father, Deron Jones, hit the elder one with a belt. They broke into the safe and stole the money, police said.

After getting their friend, the girls went to the airport and bought tickets to Orlando. Once there, they checked into the Embassy Suites Hotel near Disney World and paid cash in advance for a two-week stay.

The girls were discovered Monday night when one of them got scared, called a friend and told her where they were. The friend in turn called their father, who contacted Florida authorities.

Beatrice Jones said she has not spoken with the girls since her son told her what they did. "I really don't want to talk with them," she said.

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