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Readers in the Mood for Good News Should Turn to Comics Pages

October 15, 1994

Might I suggest The Times combine the Sports and Business sections as it once did? That way, after I finish reading about strikes, lockouts, work stoppages and limitless greed, I can flip to the back and quench my thirst for stats and box scores by charting the unemployment rate, the rising interest rates and the general malaise that has fallen over the common man.




Is it any wonder the owners of any professional sports organization are in need of a salary cap?

Just listen to the ludicrous babble of basketball player Glenn Robinson demanding a $100-million contract. This rookie has yet to touch a basketball in a pro game yet he wants $100 million or will sit out the season. Well, sit, baby, sit out the rest of your life as far as many fans are concerned.

Bring on the salary cap now--before it's too late.


Moreno Valley


After listening to the constant palavering of "acting commissioner" Bud Selig, I'm reminded of the 1970 opinion of Edward Bennett Williams, who owned the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Redskins: "The dumbest National Football League owner is smarter than the smartest major league baseball owner."

Guess time hasn't changed things much.


Manhattan Beach


Isn't this a prophetic anagram?

Baseball strike=basketball rise.


Temple City

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