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October 16, 1994|Dennis Hunt

WHAT YEAR IS IT?: Frankie Valli is as surprised as you are that a remix of his 1976 Four Seasons' hit "December 1963 (Oh, What a Night)" is back in the Top 20.

The unlikely revival started six years ago in the Netherlands, where the remix became a dance-club hit, spreading through Europe and Australia and finally reaching U.S. clubs early this year. Then the single--released here by Curb Records--was picked up by radio stations, starting with the Boston-based syndicated show "Open House Party."

But it hasn't really changed life for Valli, who, with his new version of the Four Seasons, plays regularly at Las Vegas and Atlantic City hotels.

"We were selling out before the single came along," says Valli, 57.

He has seen a difference in the audiences though. "A lot of kids come to see us now--which is amazing to me at my age," he says.

And while the Four Seasons may have been off the charts for a while, the group's old songs have been staples of oldies stations.

"That support has kept us alive and visible to new, young audiences," he says. "We don't have to rely on the same group of old fans."

The single, though, may revive a dormant recording career. A new album is in the works.

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