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What's Happened to Shame? It's Vanished

October 16, 1994

Bravo for Robin Abcarian's "Whatever Happened to Good Old-Fashioned Shame?" (Sept. 25).

Abcarian is correct regarding the disappearance of appropriate shame. By appropriate I mean the species of feelings that once followed the commission of egregious acts against others.

Feeling shame is the first step in accepting responsibility for a bad deed. This does not occur in a vacuum. Some semblance of priorities, values and morals must be instilled before shame unfolds.

Since many parents are not teaching priorities, values and morals to their children, a drastic change must occur. Schoolteachers are in an ideal position to role-model and teach these qualities to young children. The three Rs just do not cut it anymore.


North Hills

Robin Abcarian wonders, "Whatever Happened to Good Old-Fashioned Shame?" and later asks "Have these people no shame?"

No. There is no shame, and these people have none. The concept of shame vanished from our lives when ethics were banished and laws were rendered impotent.

Fame and fortune are the orders of the day. Fame might be in the form of infamy and fortune could come as loot or booty, but that is OK. They can be euphemized and made legitimate.



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