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House Opens Conservation Doors

October 16, 1994

I just finished reading the front page article "Garbage House" by Richard Wolomir, Oct. 2. It was inspiring. But, more, it was amazing to learn that so much can be recycled with such useful and attractive results.

However, looking at the large, green front lawn revived something I'd been thinking about in relation to water use in this semi-desert climate.

But then I read that it's in Maryland, where there's plenty of rainfall. Here, the problem of water supply is looming again as a problem critical to everybody's daily life as well as preserving the environmental quality of Mono Lake.

Not only can one notice a lot of careless and wasteful practices, but a seeming unawareness or unconcern about the need for serious water conservation persists.

I would like to make a change by putting in a Spanish tile foundation, or some other similar, suitable material (not cement), to replace my lawn. I envision large wood or clay pots for small trees such as pomegranate, dwarf lemon and the like, tastefully placed on this "lawn."

I believe I've seen this type of yard in parts of Mexico. It provides shade and fruit, saves water, and is aesthetically attractive.


Manhattan Beach

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