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Arianna Huffington

October 18, 1994

She is the real power, he is a product of her ideas and her quest for power. He's just an empty suit. You say you have heard this for two years now, but wait, I am not talking about Bill and Hill. This is what's now being said about Mike and Arianna Huffington. One noticeable difference is that Mike makes it clear he is the candidate not his wife, but Bill boasted "vote for one, get one free."

The question to be asked is, if these attributes were acceptable for a Democratic President, why are they now unacceptable for a Republican senator?


Huntington Beach

* The Democratic attacks on Arianna Huffington for her strong involvement in her husband's senatorial campaign are appropriate, considering that the "traditional value" of quiet, stay-at-home wives belongs to the Republican Party. We know this from two years of their attacks against Hillary Clinton for being an independent and outspoken wife of the President. And can you imagine if Hillary had involvement in new age religious groups on her resume? The hypocrisy in this case belongs to the Republicans.



* Gee, I thought America was the land of religious freedom. Golly, I heard that people came here in the first place so they could worship however and whomever they wanted to worship. Gracious, what is a "controversial religious group" (Oct. 11), anyway? Something that isn't the religious right?


Manhattan Beach

* The Huffington fortune would have been better spent on Arianna the Candidate.


San Marino

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