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October 18, 1994

Re: The article on Chabad's request for a conditional-use permit to worship in a house in Oak Park.

I live in Oak Park and represent the Medea Creek Neighborhood Alliance in opposing Chabad's request to use a house in Oak Park as a temple and education center. The following facts will help round out your article of Sept. 25:

1. I and other members of MCNA are Jewish.

2. There are so many Jews in Oak Park that the public schools close for the Jewish High Holidays.

3. The overwhelming majority of residents are opposed to Chabad's use of the house but otherwise support Chabad, which peacefully used commercial space in Oak Park for six years without opposition or incidents of anti-Semitism.

4. Other than Chabad's allegations, we are unaware of any anti-Semitic acts. We are proud of the peaceful manner in which the many religions here have coexisted.


Oak Park

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