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October 18, 1994

Corona del Mar's dramatic coastline would have a different look if some turn-of-the-century developers had their way.

In 1904, developers proposed construction of an ornate bathhouse and pavilion near the area's rugged coastline, with its jagged cliffs and rounded coves.

In addition, they wanted to build dozens of furnished tents on the beach that would be rented.

Both projects died, however, when the Pacific Electric Railway decided not to extend streetcar service to Corona del Mar.

Developers hoped a picturesque name would attract visitors, so they christened the area Corona del Mar, or "Crown of the Sea."


A lecture series on parenting begins today at Golden West College in Huntington Beach.

The lectures are designed for parents of children age 2 through 12. It will be moderated by Rita Jones, a member of the college's Family Resources Center.

The lectures, which run on Tuesdays through Nov. 22, will take place from noon to 2 p.m. in the Business Building. The college is at 15744 Golden West St.

Information: (714) 895-8796.

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