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LAKERS' UPDATE : Extension Is Sought by Threatt


The Lakers didn't get Sedale Threatt back Monday, but they did get an explanation for his sudden disappearance: money.

Jim Sexton, Threatt's agent, told executive vice president Jerry West that the reserve guard left the team in Honolulu sometime between late Friday night, after the exhibition opener against Sacramento, and early Saturday morning because he was unhappy with his contract.

The issue apparently is not salary but rather an extension that Threatt wants of the deal that has two more years to run at $2.4 million annually.

"I have no idea what he wants because we haven't talked to him," West said. "Jimmy Sexton said something to the extent that (Threatt) is unhappy with his contract, the numbers of years on his contract. I think it has something to do with all these signings we're seeing these young kids sign."

The Lakers responded with a hard line. Threatt will be fined an undisclosed amount--the league maximum for preseason absences is $1,000 per game skipped and $300 per practice--and will not get a contract extension.

"We're not doing anything, period," West said.

"He's probably the highest paid backup guard in the league at this point in time. . . . We're certainly not going to be held hostage by him or anyone. He's got two years on the contract and we expect him to honor that."

Sexton was not available for comment. West said the agent did not ask for a new deal during their phone conversation.

Threatt, about to begin his fourth season with the team, is projected as the backup to Nick Van Exel at point guard. For the time being, that job now falls to Trevor Ruffin, the undrafted rookie from the University of Hawaii.


The Lakers will make their first trip to The Pond of Anaheim tonight to play the Clippers at 7:30.

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