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LOS ALAMITOS : Water District Decision Due After Election

October 19, 1994|BERT ELJERA

The City Council has decided to wait until after the Nov. 8 election before acting on a proposal to separate the city from the Los Alamitos County Water District.

In voting unanimously for the delay last week, council members said the election could bring changes to the council and the water district's governing board of directors.

The water district operates sewer services in Los Alamitos, Rossmoor and parts of Seal Beach and Cypress. Los Alamitos officials are considering whether the city should take over sewer services for its residents.

"I don't see a reason to rush the process," said Councilman Ronald Bates. "It's not big enough an issue. But at some time, it has to be done."

The council decided not to file an application with the Local Agency Formation Commission that would have started the process of "detaching" from the water district, which has provided local sewer service for 42 years.

Bates said that an application at this time may be premature because the commission is expected to look into the issue of special districts and determine if some may be disbanded or consolidated.

A task force created by the County Board of Supervisors recommended in 1984 that Los Alamitos combine sewer services with other public works operations to cut costs, officials said.

Residents pay about $1.25 a month for sewer services, and the rate could rise if the city takes over, said officials of the water district who are opposed to the plan.

"I'm delighted that they tabled this," said water district board member Arlyss Burkett. "It's in the best interests of the citizens not to pursue this any further."

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