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CSUN's Beauregard to Be Arraigned Today


Cal State Northridge lineman Jonathan Beauregard is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. today in San Bernardino Municipal Court on two counts of attempted murder.

The 22-year-old senior was arrested Aug. 29 and has been free on $15,000 bail. He remains on the football team, although a broken finger has sidelined him the past two weeks.

Beauregard is accused of shooting his former girlfriend, 21-year-old Dunyella Darshell Smith, and her male acquaintance, 26-year-old Von Thompson, in Beauregard's hometown of San Bernardino.

Beauregard allegedly shot Thompson in the arm and chest and Smith in the hip as she tried to flee. Thompson, a security guard, was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time.

According to police, Thompson and Smith were sitting in Thompson's truck, parked outside a bar, when the incident occurred.

Beauregard, an offensive tackle, hid news of the arrest from coaches and teammates for more than a month.

After Northridge administrators learned of the incident earlier this month, they declined to suspend Beauregard from the team.

Coach Bob Burt has said that Beauregard technically has not violated team rules.

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