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Cal's Curds

October 20, 1994|KATHIE JENKINS

After Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as our 30th President in 1923, he and his father strolled down the street for a bottle of soda pop to celebrate. When they finished, the new President set a nickel on the counter and said to his father: "Here, this is for my share."

The Coolidge family still practices such fiscal conservatism. At Plymouth Cheese, the company founded in 1890 by Col. John Calvin Coolidge (the President's father) and now owned and managed by John Coolidge, the President's 88-year-old son, the wonderful, old-fashioned cheese is shipped wrapped in layers of newspaper and packed in a recycled cardboard box.

The handmade, granular-curd Plymouth cheese is made with all natural ingredients and unpasteurized milk. The flavor is tangy and rich, with the fine bite of Cheddar, but the texture is a bit more crumbly because the curds aren't as compressed. Plymouth cheese comes in mild, medium and extra-sharp or with sage, garlic or caraway added. A five-pound wheel of extra-sharp costs $32.35 delivered west of the Mississippi--a luxury even the thriftiest shopper would appreciate.

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