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Ducks, Kings Join Sharks With Ticket Refund Policies

October 20, 1994

The Mighty Ducks and Kings announced ticket refund and exchange policies for games postponed or canceled by the lockout, joining the San Jose Sharks as the first teams to issue policies.

Though no NHL games have been officially canceled, the league is expected to announce some cancellations by the end of the week. A league spokesman also said the reconfigured schedule will not extend the playoffs beyond the end of June because of potential problems with maintaining adequate ice surfaces.

There are several options for fans who purchased individual game tickets for the Ducks or Kings--holding the tickets to see if games are rescheduled, exchanging the tickets at the point of purchase for future home games this season or receiving a refund for missed games. Exchanges and refunds are available only after the date of the scheduled game, and to receive a refund, tickets must be returned.

Those who purchased Duck tickets by phone through TicketMaster can return tickets by writing to TicketMaster/Mighty Ducks, P.O. Box 76838, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Duck season-ticket holders or mini-plan purchasers can receive a credit toward tickets for potential playoff games or 1995-96 season tickets or mini-plans, and can also receive a discount of 5% of the amount credited toward the purchase of playoff tickets.

Those with Duck packages who want refunds may request reimbursement on a monthly basis as games are postponed or canceled.

For more Ducks' information: (714) 704-2701.

King season-ticket holders or purchasers of mini-plans have three choices. For those who wish to maintain their priority position, the team will provide a 6% interest payment as incentive, including a guarantee that prices for their seats will be not be raised next season.

Or, instead of a refund, subscribers have the option of receiving "Kings Dollars" equal to 10% of the total value of their package, as games are canceled or missed. "Kings Dollars" can be redeemed for future games, other Forum events or Forum concessions, or be used at any of the Slap Shop outlets.

The final choice is a refund for all canceled games in their package. But no refunds will be made until all of the games in the first segment--home games 1-10--are missed.

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