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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS AND VIEWS : OC High asks: What's your favorite midnight snack?

October 21, 1994

"Anything that's in the refrigerator."

Nancy Gionzalez, 16, junior, Valley

"Rice Krispies. I like it in cold milk. I like the sweet taste, and it talks to me at night when I'm lonely."

Sadaf Ahmed, 16, junior, Loara

"Dr Pepper, chocolate and pretzels."

Sarah Liang, 17, senior, Valencia

"Pasta and Apple Newtons."

Meghan Crowley, 16, junior, Irvine

"I never snack past my normal bedtime. It's so bad for you."

Michelle Little, 16, junior, El Dorado

"A pickle. I just get these incredible cravings for deli pickles, and I have unrest until I get one. If I don't crave a pickle, then I'm sleeping."

Emily Hollar, 17, senior, Capistrano Valley

"Pizzadilla--cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni in a tortilla. Yum!"

Nathan Brown, senior, senior, Brethren Christian

"Kiwi Stawberry Snapple."

Jennifer Campbell, 17, senior, Canyon

"Pop-Tarts. It's so hot, they're cool."

Kim Brown, junior, Saddleback

"Something with lots of caffeine, because I'll probably have to stay up the rest of the night studying for a test."

Paul Lee, 17, senior, Villa Park

"Salad with broccoli, yogurt, Miracle Whip, walnuts and grapes. It sounds weird, but it's good."

Eric Ahlberg, 16, junior, Troy

"Cold pizza with warm soda."

Leesa Miller, 14, freshman, Sonora

"Usually bread, but sometimes I like Bon-Bons."

Jeff Brown, 16, junior, Kennedy

"Snack? I'm too tired to wake up for a midnight snack."

Lyly Tran, 17, junior, Los Amigos

"Chocolate milk. It's quick, and it satisfies me."

Martin Estrada, 17, senior, Mater Dei

"Cockroaches dipped in a light batter and fried in hot animal lard for about 20 seconds. It's high in protein, and you become immune to most insecticides."

E.J. Ramos, 17, senior, Westminster

"Nachos with cheese."

John Jadia, 15, sophomore, Fountain Valley

"Ice cream."

Kelly Seely, 17, senior, Cypress

"Cheese and crackers--the ones with the little red stick."

Jennifer Lunsford, 14, freshman, Loara

"Chocolate chip cookies and milk."

Crissy Darkhor, 15, sophomore, Newport Harbor

"Breyer's chocolate ice cream."

Amy Hollerbach, 17, senior, Rosary

"Pickles . . . definitely pickles."

Tracey Vieira, 15, sophomore, Westminster

"Leftover pizza."

David Giles, 15, sophomore, Cypress

"Chocolate cake or peanut butter toast--or just popcorn with lots of butter."

Charlie Knudtson, 17, senior, Valencia

"Apples or cookies and milk."

Anna Smith, 15, sophomore, Irvine

"Ice cream.',

Adrin Gutierrez, 16, sophomore, Valley

"When I wake up in the middle of the night, I love to eat cookies, because we always have some in the house."

Charlene Jacobs, 16, junior, Rosary

"Fruit--a peach or an apple. I get a craving once a week. I get cravings for candy too, but we don't have any, so I have to settle for fruit."

Elizabeth Carraher, 17, senior, Capistrano Valley

"Hot chocolate, because it leaves a good taste in your mouth when you go to bed, and it leaves you with a warm feeling. It feels good on your stomach."

Clinton Mosely, 16, junior, Westminster

"Rapsberry Jell-O with Cool Whip."

Stacey Balfour, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"Rainbow sherbet ice cream."

Casey Hoxsie, 16, junior, Fountain Valley

"Quesadillas. They're nice and chewy at night."

Rafael Lucero, senior, Saddleback

"Homemade chocolate chip cookies."

Kevin Sabet, 15, sophomore, Canyon

"Ovaltine with a banana."

Jason Lemonier, junior, Brethren Christian

"Chinese food, because when I have to go to bed an hour later, I won't be full."

Laurel Viet, 16, junior, Villa Park

"Sour cream in pita bread."

Maruy Touma, 14, freshman, Sonora

"Peaches, whipped cream, crepes and maybe the occasional glob of ice cream."

Jackie Stein, 16, junior, Troy

"Chocolate chip ice cream."

Tiffany Cheeseman, 14, freshman, Kennedy

"One whole dill sour pickle."

Amintra Sukavivatanchai, 17, senior, Brea Olinda

"Chips and salsa 'cause it's the only thing that my parents buy."

Amanda Wilson, 17, senior, Lutheran High

* Responses gathered by Roxanne McGraw, Cypress; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Jorge Gutierrez, Valley; Eve Winnick, Loara; Katrina Tangen, Newport Harbor; Christine Monette, Rosary; Ling Lu, Valencia; Mike Steinberger, El Dorado; Joslin Gemsch, Capistrano Valley; Koreen Kalie, Westminster; Samantha Wood, Trabuco Hills; Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Sabrina Freidman, Canyon; Linda Dao, Los Amigos; Priscilla Leite, Saddleback; Shawnacy Kiker, Brethren Christian; Jennifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Corey Griffin, Troy; Aaron Cross, Kennedy; Jason Foo, Mater Dei; Amy Chen, Brea Olinda; Lauren Dunn, Lutheran.

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