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Strokes of Subtlety at Mossimo/GQ Open

October 21, 1994|ROSE APODACA JONES

Say "golf" and visions of plaid polyester trousers colored like Easter eggs, chalky white shoes and hats and frumpy knit sweaters spring to mind.

But guests and participants at Wednesday's Mossimo/GQ Open at Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Coast will have to reconsider that moldy perception. Understated basics ruled the green among the 144 mostly twenty-to-thirtysomething linksmen. They played to raise $10,000 for homeless children aided by Planet Hope, a charity headed by Kelly Stone, whose sister, actress Sharon Stone, chairs its honorary board.

Khaki pleated trousers or shorts and black or cream golf shirts dominated the scene. Only a few got into the spirit, such as actor Chad Lowe from ABC's "Life Goes On," who sported an argyle vest over his khaki polo shirt. Menswear designer Michael Lew, who took the coveted Marty Rising Star award this year for his label, Imaginary Concepts, played 18 holes in his signature polo shirt. In olive with a mini pattern, it resembles the more sedate looks that are part of golf.

KROQ's Loveline host Riki Rachtman stood out from the mostly svelte, GQ-ish pack--his Mossimo shirt and calf-length shorts notwithstanding. Rachtman, who also hosts MTV's Headbanger's Ball, sported a bleached spiky 'do (roots included), and tattoos covered his calves.

But the real dingers were the cellular phones and cigars. Once off the green, everybody seemed to have a tiny, black flip phone attached to his ear. Couldn't they have at least put them down during the tasty feast provided by the Four Seasons? And the youngest of the pups present found the moment fit for an old stogie.

"Golf isn't just an old man deal," said designer Mossimo Giannulli, who hopes to turn the tournament into an annual charity event. Giannulli is a member at Pelican Hill, which was developed by his father, Gene Giannulli, who also played that day.

So will Mossimo signature golf cleats appear in a future collection?

"No way. This is cool playing," says the Irvine-based designer. "But I don't want to jump into the golf clothing thing."

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