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Political Scorecard

October 21, 1994

18 days to go before Californians go to the polls


* What Happened Thursday: Democratic nominee Kathleen Brown held a news conference at Cal State University headquarters in Long Beach to oppose further increases in higher education tuition. Gov. Pete Wilson taped the "Newsmakers" show on KNBC-TV, Channel 4, for broadcast Sunday.

* What's Ahead: Wilson planned to take his jobs tour to a shipyard in San Diego. Brown planned to discuss higher education at DeAnza College in the San Francisco Bay Area.


* What Happened Thursday: Rep. Mike Huffington announced his support for Proposition 187, the initiative to deny public benefits to illegal immigrants. Sen. Dianne Feinstein addressed a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Los Angeles and received the endorsement of San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan and the city's top law enforcement officials.

* What's Ahead: Feinstein addresses the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Huffington continues bus tour to Hemet and Orange County.


"This is an initiative that brings us together under one common flag and one common law. Is that too much to ask for the privilege of living in the greatest state in the greatest nation in the world?"

--Mike Huffington, in statement announcing his endorsement of Proposition 187 to deny state-financed services to illegal immigrants.

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