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Then Again, Perhaps Snead Felt His Questions Were Too Nosy

October 21, 1994|MAL FLORENCE

Frank Fallon, veteran Baylor University football broadcaster, recalling his first radio interview, with Sam Snead after Snead had won the 1948 Texas Open:

"When I found out Snead was coming, I quickly wrote two or three questions down on a napkin," Fallon said. "When he walked in, the first thing he did was pick up the napkin and blow his nose in it."

Trivia time: What combination holds the Raider record for the longest pass play?

Rubbing it in: Rick Telander in Sports Illustrated: "Did you hear about the new Dallas Cowboys welcome mat? They're rubberized Buffalo team photos."

Looney tunes: C.W. Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle on Fox network television coverage of NFL games:

"Someone has to restrain Terry Bradshaw, who is turning into a cackling sitcom loosely based on himself. Enthusiasm is wonderful, but he's turned the corner and is en route to scary silly."

Hands off: New York Knick Coach Pat Riley on the new NBA rule of no hand checking:

"You're watching a three-hour game go by with 150 free throws. It'll be like watching baseball."

Said Denver's Dikembe Mutombo: "It used to be a hands game; now we can't use our hands. Next we'll have to use our feet. We might as well be playing soccer."

Bah, humbug: Mary Kay Cabot in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the Browns' defense: "(It) is becoming Grinch-ier as the season progresses."

Is that better than Scroog-ier?

Meat Department: TNT's Gary Bender, in his new book "Call of the Game," notes there is an "old adage that management views (announcers) as a 'piece of meat,' " although he adds "not all members of management think that way."

Said Turner executive producer Don McGuire: "Around here, we call Gary 'Ground Round.' "

Options: Despite stalled contract negotiations with top draft choice Glenn Robinson, John Steinmiller, vice president of the Milwaukee Bucks, said:

"There's a greater chance of Madonna starting at point guard opening night than of a trade (of Robinson)."

The diplomat: Lee Shappell in the Arizona Republic on the Charlotte Hornets' Larry Johnson, inactive because of a stress fracture in his left foot:

"He played on the U.S. team in the World Championships, where his greatest skill seemed to be being a jerk.

" 'You don't send diplomats,' "Johnson said. " 'We weren't campaigning. They should have sent the President if they wanted us to smile and shake hands.' "

Looking back: On this day in 1975, Carlton Fisk hit a home run in the 12th inning to give the Boston Red Sox a 7-6 victory over Cincinnati, forcing a seventh game in the World Series, which the Reds won.

Trivia answer: Jim Plunkett to Cliff Branch, 99 yards, on Oct. 2, 1983 against Washington.

Quotebook: Mitch (Wild Thing) Williams, former Philadelphia Phillie pitcher: "It takes a certain mentality to watch me pitch. (Manager) Jim Fregosi just gave me the ball and walked down the (dugout) tunnel and smoked."

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