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Feinstein, Huffington Debate

October 22, 1994

Re "Feinstein, Huffington Trade Jabs in TV Debate," Oct. 7:

It is a sorry day in this country when Dianne Feinstein and Mike Huffington get an hour on Larry King's talk show and an actor gets an hour and a half, which King continuously advertised during the commercial breaks. The whole "exercise" (Larry King, commercials) is just one more example of where in the realm of interest the public and media rate our government. Perhaps if the American public cared more about their country than they do about the latest TV shows and movies, "politician" would not have become a dirty word.


Santa Maria


Huffington doesn't know what Prop. 170--er--187 is (Oct. 12)? Every day I read the paper and laugh, then I read the polls and cry! If this guy wins we all lose.


La Quinta


We have just read the first thing about Feinstein that we agree with. Quoted from the Nov. 8 California Voter Pamphlet which states, "I've been an independent voice working hard to break gridlock in Washington and make a difference on the issues that affect all Californians." Over the years we have written her many letters stating our opinion on various issues. So far her voting record is 100% contrary to the views and values we possess. According to our thesaurus independent means: self-ruling, self-reliant, self-governing and separate. We would rather have a senator who listens to her constituents and is not so independent.


Harbor City


Critics of Huffington who claim he's never done anything for this state are quite mistaken: Between his House and Senate campaigns, he's pumped over $30 million into California's economy. Now if someone can just persuade him to run for President, we may get out of this recession yet.


Los Angeles


How come if a Republican signs a deed with a restrictive clause he is a race-insensitive person, but if a Democrat signs the same clause, she only did so out of ignorance (Oct. 7)? Can you say double standard?




Re "Polluted Oil Refinery Once Part-Owned by Huffington," Oct. 13:

Your editorial bias is an outrage. I hold no brief for Huffington, but your front-page coverage and pejorative headline are patent proof of a hatchet job. Of what relevance is it to his candidacy that his family's company bought a minority interest in an old and inevitably contaminated refinery (in which he had no managerial role)?

For balance, I trust you will publish a Page 1 headline that Feinstein's husband owned buildings with asbestos.


Palos Verdes

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