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COSTA MESA : Roadside Signs to Cost Repeat Offenders $250

October 22, 1994|TOM RAGAN

Residents who put up signs in the public right of way will now be subject to a $5 fine by the city.

And if they are caught again, they will be fined $250.

The City Council approved the fines this week.

The anti-sign ordinance was passed in July, after city crews had to take down numerous signs that posed traffic hazards because they were posted on telephone and utility poles and other places in the public right of way.

Resident Will B. King objected to the sign ordinance during a public hearing. He said he thought residents should be able to put up garage sale signs and similar signs because the advertising, while rudimentary, usually brings them money.

"A lot of people depend on these signs for money on the weekend," he said. "For them, it means a few extra bucks and dinner on the table. And what about the candidates who put up their signs? What are you going to do about the candidates who don't take down their signs?

City Atty. Thomas Kathe said nobody will be favored when it comes to enforcing the sign ordinance. He said residents are allowed to erect signs on private property.

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