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Businesses Must Keep Eye on Three Key Areas

October 23, 1994

From the vantage point of a professional headhunter who has worked with thousands of corporate executives, attorneys, engineers, physicians and various professionals in the last 21 years, I can attest to the accuracy of "When the Future Fades" (Oct. 9).

One of the most important themes articulated, and one that I see daily, is that the law firms, businesses and corporations that continue to prosper focus most attention on three key areas: aggressive business development, overhead cost cutting and not forgetting the simple truth that they are in business to serve their clients.

The business entities that fail to keep an eye on the bottom line, that fail to generate new customers and keep their existing ones happy, will end up like the title of my favorite movie, "Gone With the Wind."


Los Angeles


Readers Robert J. Schultz and James Brackett (Letters, Oct. 16) have no business referring to the "professionals" as snots and crybabies. Sorry you two have had to cope with pent-up jealousy. Why don't you spend eight years in universities and ring up $100,000 or more of debt in the process?

Each of you, and all of us, forget the sacrifices these people make, the hours they work, life-taking stress they endure to enjoy those "cushy" professional jobs that everyone seems so jealous of. Yet when you are injured, where do you run for help--to both of those "professionals."

I feel for Schultz, and for the professionals depicted in the article. It's no fun to have your career cut short, whether you are a professional, middle management or the working stiff. As for Brackett--and those like him--grow up.


Long Beach

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