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Maximum Bob

October 23, 1994

Charles Champlin is indeed a master. His interview with Robert Mitchum captured the essence of the actor and provided new insights into Mitchum's personality ("One Icon, Hard-Boiled," Oct. 2).

It is refreshing to read about a great guy and a real talent who is not wrapped up in his image--a contrast to most of the so-called stars of today's film and TV productions.

Also, the accompanying picture by Bob Carey was perfect.



Although he did receive a supporting actor nomination for "The Story of G.I. Joe" (1945), it's a pity that Robert Mitchum has otherwise been ignored by the Motion Picture Academy, in spite of his memorable performances in "The Night of the Hunter," "The Sundowners," the original "Cape Fear," "Ryan's Daughter" and "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison."

In the last, his face-to-face encounter with a rat staring him down was the ultimate in naturalism, and pure Mitchum. He was and is one of a kind.


Los Angeles

Went out and rented "Pursued" right after reading your Mitchum piece. Mitchum can give Rhett Butler a run for his money; oh, my, how that man can move.

Thank you for having someone around to let me know what I've been missing that is now available in the video stores. Even in small towns like mine.


Los Olivos

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