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L.A. SPEAK : Frat Chat

October 23, 1994|Matt White

bird: n . anyone deemed to be uncool--undesirable rushees, members of inferior houses, drunken jerks, etc. Also: wingnut

doing laps: v. walking around a bar to draw attention before taking a seat.

flambed: v. a state of profound intoxication.

ghost: n . member, usually a senior, who doesn't get involved with house business. "Adam hasn't done jack since he moved out of the house. That bird is nothing but a ghost."

Greek tragedy: n. a campus romance. "Joseph and Liz are just another Greek tragedy; it started with beers and it'll end in tears."

nugget: n. a particularly desirable woman. Often condensed to "nug."

old school: n. recent graduates who continue to hang around the campus Greek scene. "I can't stand going to that bar anymore; it's all pitifully old school."

party foul: v. spilling alcoholic beverages. "I was so flambed last night, I committed a party foul with the Dom."

row god: n. fraternity members who are favorites at the sororities. "He went from wingnut to row god once his dad bought him that Porsche."

seventeen will get you 20: a warning about hitting on someone under age. "Better back off on that nug, Jason. Don't forget: seventeen will get you 20."

walk of shame: n. The long morning walk home to a fraternity or sorority house in the same clothes worn to a party the night before.

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