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Andes Bean Might Be the One to Appreciate These Caddies

October 23, 1994|MAL FLORENCE

The newest caddies at a golf course in Horsham, Pa., won't have any trouble carrying a heavy load. They may, however, breach golf etiquette at times, since they tend to spit when angry.

The Talamore at Oak Terrace course plans to let golfers have llamas lug their clubs around the links.

"They're a novelty," a club spokesman said. "People will never forget that round of golf."

The cost alone should keep the round fresh in their memory. Llama caddies cost $100 per player.

Trivia time: What combination holds the Ram record for the longest pass play?

Who cares?Ray Ratto in the San Francisco Examiner: "Cincinnati quarterback Dave Klingler says he wants to throw 50 times a game to help the Bengals win.

"Cincinnati Coach Dave Shula says that's too many throws. We say it doesn't make any difference who wins that argument."

The Bengals are 0-6.

Waste of time: Paul Westhead, George Mason University basketball coach, a proponent of run-and-gun basketball, believes that six weeks of preseason drills is too long:

"The only thing you wind up accomplishing in that much time without playing games is the players really start to hate each other."

Pocket change: Tom Weir in USA Today: "Glenn (Big Dog) Robinson treats a $60 million guaranteed contract from the Milwaukee Bucks as if it's Alpo. Uh, Glenn, just because they're called the Bucks doesn't mean they own the mint."

Oliver who?Tony Kornheiser in the Washington Post on the reigning World Boxing Council heavyweight champion:

"Seriously, if someone came up to you and asked: 'Who is the WBC heavyweight champion of the world?' how many names would you go through before you got to Oliver McCall?

"You'd try Oliver Twist and Lauren Bacall first."

Gallows humor: Bill Kofender, former Detroit Race Course publicist: "Did you hear about the condemned golfer who said to the hangman, 'Mind if I take a couple of practice swings?' "

Trivia answer: Frank Ryan to Ollie Matson, 96 yards, on Oct. 1, 1961.

Quotebook: Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl Johnston on Arizona Cardinal Coach Buddy Ryan: "Nobody could quite replace Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker, but Buddy could do him justice."

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