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TUSTIN : Chamber Directors Back 3 Measures

October 24, 1994|ALAN EYERLY

Directors of the Tustin Chamber of Commerce have voted to support three measures on the Nov. 8 ballot, including Proposition 187, the controversial initiative that would deny most public services to illegal immigrants.

The chamber also supported local Measures H and J. Measure H would limit City Council members to two consecutive terms, and Measure J would require competitive bidding for the city's disposal and solid waste collection contracts.

Chamber directors have come out in opposition to Measure I, which would limit Tustin council members to serving three consecutive terms. The chamber also opposes Measure A, a countywide initiative that would convert the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station into a commercial airport.

Statewide measures opposed by the chamber are:

* Proposition 181, which would provide a $1-billion bond issue to expand passenger rail services.

* Proposition 184, the "three strikes" initiative, which would increase sentences for convicted felons who are repeat offenders.

* Proposition 185, which would impose an additional 4% sales tax to pay for public transportation programs.

* Proposition 186, which would establish a single-payer health care system for California residents.

* Proposition 188, the initiative sponsored by the Philip Morris tobacco company, which would preempt current smoking laws with a statewide measure that would allow smoking in most public places.

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