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October 28, 1994


Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ended Oct. 23, compared to week-ago and year-ago levels, in millions of units sold:

Latest week: Albums: 10.6 Singles: 1.8

Week-ago: Albums: 10.4 Singles: 1.8

Year-ago: Albums: 10.9 Singles: 2.1

Hits Magazine Tip of the Week

Industry observers have turned their attention to Virgin Music Worldwide. The label, which includes red-hot Virgin Records in the United States, is headed by Ken Berry, chairman of Virgin Music Group Worldwide. Berry recently added the title of president and CEO of EMI Records Group International, which purchased Virgin in June, 1992. Speculation is that Berry will pass control of Virgin to his wife, Nancy, Virgin's executive vice president. One insider predicted that Nancy Berry's ascension would be accompanied by major staff upheaval. Note: Hits magazine is a weekly music industry trade publication.

Source: Soundscan Inc.

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