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Burbank-Chandler Route Responses

October 28, 1994

* The way Pauline Tallent's letter "Rapid Transit Should Follow Freeway" (Sept. 4) was featured, including a photo of the Ventura Freeway, suggests The Times favors her position. She can't conceive of support for the Burbank-Chandler route, saying it doesn't serve commuters, is more expensive, and is half underground and subject to flooding with the exposed portion being an eyesore. Her empty arguments call for an informed response.

The under / above-ground aspect is due to state law that exists only to satisfy concerns about noise from a synagogue and school on Chandler (Boulevard) serving an Orthodox Jewish community of about 700. Bad laws can be repealed! Tallent's monorail along the freeway would require expensive new technology and would be another eyesore.

Trenched light rail on the Burbank-Chandler corridor will:

1. Be more central to the commuting population.

2. Apply existing Blue or Green Line technology.

3. Use a corridor we bought for the purpose that would be hard to sell.

4. Sit well above the water table.

5. Be inconspicuous and quiet.

Those annoyed by the quiet "whoosh" of light rail could roof their portion of the trench.


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