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THE GOODS : The Mouse You'll Want in the House


So, you're knee-deep in remote-control units and can't find the one you want this minute?

Check out Sony's innovative VisionTouch, which will allow you to operate everything--TV, VCR, CD/laser disc players, tape deck and radio--through your television via one "air mouse."

Just hitting the stores, the VisionTouch system is simple, even for the most technophobic. The push of a button on the air mouse will get you on-screen icons, much like a menu on a computer.

You select the component you want to operate by pointing the wireless mouse and hitting the button again.

You can control most functions via the air mouse, including volume, replay, even selecting a radio station.

The compact VisionTouch unit, about the size of a VCR, operates with any brand of home-entertainment systems that have remote-control capability, not exclusively Sony's.

The VisionTouch receiver ($1,700) is available at Circuit City in Pasadena, Anaheim, Orange and Laguna Hills, Adray in Encino and Ken Crane in West Los Angeles.

Or call Sony at (800) 342-5721.

You're Never Too Young to Play on the Highway

Parents who would like to give their toddlers a head start on the information superhighway can consider ComfyKeyboard and Comfyland software, the first designed for children as young as 2. The kid-friendly keyboard hooks into a regular PC terminal.

ComfyKeyboard features large, colorful button displays and shapes, colors and visuals children would find hard not to touch. The ComfyLand Animated Interactive Movie software that comes with it enables children to interact with five animated characters: Comfy, the kind child; Jumpy, the mischievous dog; Buddy, the curious bear; Snaily, the diligent snail, and Feely, the absent-minded elephant.

A child can place or receive phone calls to these friends on the screen, and play educational computer games. Representatives of the Israeli company that developed the keyboard and software say the movie runs for 45 minutes and may be extended to 1 1/2 hours if the child uses the interactive feature.

ComfyKeyboard, with the introductory animated movie ($99) is available nationally in the United States at toy and computer stores. Recently introduced are two additional software titles: "ComfyLand, the Great Concert" ($34.95) and "A Christmas Present," a special software edition for the holidays ($19.99) to be introduced Nov. 7.

The keyboard and new software are available nationwide at Comp-USA, FAO Schwarz, the Learning Smith, Computer City and Imaginarium. (800) 99-COMFY.

Not Just Some Puny Tissue Paper

Quilted Northern isn't going to tell you exactly how they did it: developed a bathroom tissue that doesn't fall apart when wet. The new Quilted Northern Wet or Dry toilet paper "contains a unique temporary strengthening agent," company representatives say.

The new tissue is soft and, with a company recommended test, you can see for yourself how strong it is. Have someone hold a sheet of tissue and spray it well with water. Then see how many quarters you can drop on it one by one. It will hold at least 15 quarters and up to 25 before it breaks.

The multifunctional toilet paper can be used to remove makeup or nail polish, substitute as a baby wipe, clean jewelry and wipe around the sink or tub.

Company representatives say the tissue's added strength doesn't impede flushability. The National Sanitation Foundation, which certifies products affecting health and the environment, gave the tissue its "Safe for Septic" seal, meaning the paper can be used in homes with septic tanks, which normally require a lighter toilet paper.

Quilted Northern Wet or Dry tissue, available in white ($1.69-$1.99 suggested retail for a six-roll package), can be purchased nationwide in grocery, discount, drug and club stores.

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