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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS AND VIEWS : Brenda Put the Zip in '90210'

October 28, 1994|JEAN HO | Jean Ho is a student at Huntington Beach High School, where this article first appeared in the student newspaper, the Oiler

Please don't hate me for saying this, but I happen to love Brenda Walsh/Shannen Doherty, formerly of "Beverly Hills, 90210."

OK. So maybe I'm the only person in the world who feels this way(since the rest of the world's population most likely belongs to the I Hate Brenda Club), yet I can't help thinking that Shannen Doherty deserves at least one fan.

First of all, I really don't think it's fair for everyone to despise her so much. So she happens to be a little bit on the snotty side. As if you wouldn't get high on yourself if you were famous.

A lot of actors and actresses act like pampered snobs, but the media don't publicize it as much as they do when they pick on Shannen. The way I see it, she just gets caught doing the wrong things at the wrong times. Why do you think her ex-colleagues in the "90210" cast always seem to be genuinely defending her?

Maybe they're just saying it for publicity reasons, but then again, no one's that good an actor. Besides, if she's as bad as people say, the other cast members would try to sneak in subtle remarks here and there that hint toward how horrible she is, except they haven't.

By firing Shannen, I'd say the producers made a very bad move. Aside from the fact that Jason Priestley and Luke Perry are on the show too, part of "90210's" appeal came from Shannen's notoriety.

Of course, Brandon got to be the saintly guy that everyone adores; Dylan was the tragic rebel that everyone wanted to comfort, and the rest of the gang made up the rich "brat pack" that you envied.

But every good soap opera needs a Susan Lucci (who plays Erica Kane on "All My Children"), the spoiled heroine who is sometimes incredibly devious, sometimes sticky sweet, but always very unpredictable. That's what helps keep the audiences watching. Brenda Walsh happened to be the "90210" version of Erica Kane. Whether they want to admit or not, everyone really did want to know what Brenda would have her next tantrum about.

What were the network executives thinking when they decided to substitute Tiffani Amber Thiessen for Shannen? What a JOKE! Have you seen the new episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210?" Was Tiffani the only one who showed up for auditions or something? It sure couldn't be her modeling career that landed her the job or her "great" acting on "Saved by the Bell."

At least Shannen had talent. Remember that episode where Brenda subbed for Brandon at the Peach Pit? I will always admire her incredible imitation of the smart-alecky waitress from the '50s. I bet Tiffani can't do that.

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot--Tiffani is Brian Austin Green's girlfriend! Why didn't I see that before? It's sort of like that Aaron and Tori Spelling nepotism thing.

Honestly, this show is going downhill. There is no way that I will be able to watch Tiffani and take her character, Valerie, seriously. Those memories of that airhead cheerleader, Kelly Kapowski, on "Saved by the Bell" will just keep surfacing.

Unless Brenda comes back soon from her "stay" in London, "Beverly Hills, 90210" is going to turn into a farce.

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