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Summing Up the Week for Local NFL Teams

October 29, 1994

Dear Georgia and Chuck,

This time you really can blame the Rams' loss to the Saints last Sunday on Jim Everett.


Newport Beach


Al Davis didn't hire Tom Flores because he was Latino or Art Shell because he is black; he hired them to produce winners. The Raiders made lots of money out of being society's outcasts.

I don't know if Shell said something that someone could construe as racist to Jeff Hostetler. Neither one of them, and certainly no one else on the Raiders, is going to confirm that he did.

If Art Shell had an un-Kodak moment in the heat of battle, as Hostetler said, "Let it go!"


Laguna Beach


The Raiders might have finally found an adequate ground force in Harvey Williams, but the fans will not forgive Al Davis for depriving them of seeing Marcus Allen in the years that he was benched, then trading him to the enemy.

Had Marcus been playing, instead of warming the bench, he could have been the one honored with the most touchdowns and the Raiders might have won another Super Bowl by now.


Los Angeles

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