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Too Bad the Ballot Fails to Include 'None of the Above'

October 30, 1994

Isn't it bad enough that we do not have an opportunity to vote for "none of the above," but are stuck with the "lesser of two evils" as a choice for an office? When will those two parties that represent their constituents wake up and stop short of causing the growth of a strong third party!

People such as I are those most likely denied a candidate! Why? Because I am an independent voter and only vote for whomever I believe is the most qualified, and the most likely to represent me, the common man. Unlike the party hack, I do not vote the party candidate, right or wrong.

And protect me against that nut who thinks that his religious leader is any better qualified to pick the best candidate than he is. Too bad that we do not have a law that penalizes an eligible voter for not coming out to cast his/her ballot!



* Let me get it right: I'm not voting for Huffington; I'm voting against Feinstein. And I'm not voting for Wilson; I'm voting against Brown. Huh? Yeah! It's time for a choice--NONE OF THE ABOVE!


Laguna Beach

* Ahhh! I've finally figured out how to vote on the propositions.

1. Vote against Proposition 186 because, God forbid, someone who can't afford it might get dignified medical care.

2. Vote for Proposition 187 so youngsters who are in the United States illegally will be kicked out onto the street.

3. Vote for the "three strikes" proposition so we can build jails in which to throw the youngsters in so they can get the medical care refused them under Proposition 186.

4. Go to 1.



* This November the taxpayers will have an opportunity to elect candidates who may help restore fiscal sanity to local governments. Please vote and vote wisely.

Do not vote for anyone endorsed by the police or firemen's unions. This will not increase the number of policemen or firemen. These candidates will give the unions exorbitant pay increases and outlandish benefits. The end will be that the city budget will support fewer policemen and firemen.

Do not vote for a teacher or a professor. These candidates have no idea on how to run an efficient operation and they will not make intelligent decisions.

Do not vote for anyone who has held public office or worked for the government. Most of these candidates will waste our tax dollars.

Do not vote for the incumbent. Most of them have betrayed the taxpayers.


The Huntington Beach Citizens

Bureau of Investigation

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